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Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Brief Introduction

Electro Magnetic Industries Wet Drum Separator is a combination of Drum with unique permanent magnet arrangement and a specially design counter rotation tank, which results in a unit with performance exceeding that of conventional separators. Electro Magnetic Industries drums are provided withered 915mm diameter and available in magnet width from 610mm to 3050mm. The capacity and the performance figures given are for the drum in our counter- rotation tank. Capacity per meter of Drum width up to: Pulp 160m3/h- Magnetite30t/h- ferrosilicon 40t/h.

The Drum is direct driven by a shaft mounted geared motor unit which eliminates the main-tenance and spare parts associated with chain or belt drives. The drum shell, end flanges and a tank are all made from 304 grade stainless steel. The tank has a full – length weir with adjustable apex. The amount of overflow water and pulp level is controlled by the apex position and orifices plates in the underflow outlets. The drum shell can be fitted with stainless steel wear wrap, alternatively covered with rubber or polyurethane. The internal surface of the tank can be lined with rubber or polyurethane. A trash screen is fitted in the feed box section of the tank. The position of the Drum in the tank is easily adjustable, horizontally and vertically.



Recovery up to: 99.9% for primary duty.
Concentrate density up to: 3.6 with ferrosilicon

The Drums can be installed into existing tanks (counter- rotation or concurrent) for increased recovery and /or concentrate density. They are particularly suitable for secondary duty, recoveries of over 60% being obtained with pulps containing less than 0.1g/l magnetic. The wet drum separator was developed to meet the needs of DTMS plant designers and operators, for a unit with increased capacity, improved performance, minimum maintenance and space parts requirements. The separator consist of a drum with stationery permanent magnet assembly, tank and drive unit ,all mounted on robust frame.

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