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Electro Magnetic Industries Make Electro – Hydro Orange Peel Grab are highly useful in material handling purpose in heavy industries. The use of this Hydraulic Grab saves additional costs by saving labor and power to a large expent. These Grabs are renowned for their distinctive features such as matchless quality, trouble free performance, easy to use, reliable and are highly durable.


ARMS DESIGN: Half opened shell of a special design and great strength manufactured in electrowelded steel plates. All the Arms are conveniently reinforced. Special punching teeth made of cast manganese steel, HARDOX-500.
STRUCTURE: The body and structure are built on rolled steel plate. The oil deposit, electric motor and all the components are inside.
SELF-GRIPPING: The drive is Hydraulic through Hydraulic cylinders in an inclined position that work in the outside on the valve pressing the material in the arms.
MULTI-STABLE: It can work in any vertical position at full efficiency in an inclination of up to 60 Degree.
HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS: with back damping, Highly reinforced design, double effect, ground and hardened chrome plated, piston rods. Protected with reinforced steel covers.
OPENING-CLOSING: Electrically operated valve, double electromagnet 110 VAC four ways three positions, by pass center. The orange peel grab can not be opened if you do not act upon the power drive. The falling of the charge being impossible even in the absence of currnet.
REMOTE CONTROL: From the hanging pushbutton station of the reeving system, pedal or controller of the cab-crane.
NOISE LEVEL:85 Db at a meter
USE: Intensive
ELECTRIC PLUG: Incorporated ( Male + Female )
ARTICULATIONS: The articulations of Hydraulic Cylinders are mounted on plain spherical
(Joints, Axles pins, Bolts) bearings The pivot axles of the arms include bronze bushes


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