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Volumetic Feeder (Dosing Feeder)

Brief Introduction

Volumetric Feeder machines are compact, self-contained units, incorporating a vibrating bulk supply hopper and a vibratory through feeder. Both air and electric powered feeder machines are equipped with Independent variable controls for adjusting feeder flow rate. Special control features are available where timed feed rates or operation from a scale signal are required. These machines are used by industry to handle a wide variety of bulk materials. Applications include the controlled feeding of lime and other chemicals in water filtration and sewage disposal processes. In the pulp and paper industry, they are used to feed chemicals during the bleaching process.

The food processing industry uses feeder machines to sprinkle nuts, fruit and chocolate toppings onto cakes, muffins and ice cream products. In the packaging industry, these feeder machines are used to convey various ingredients to weighing systems for controlled packaging. The fastener industry handles small bolts, nuts, Screws and washers. Using our feeder machines which are remotely controlled by weight from a scale. Scale operated feeder machines are equipped with an automatic or manual, two station push button control. One button controls the fast speed to accomplish the major portion of the filling and the filling, and the second button controls the slow dribble fee that enables the operator or scale to stop the exact weight.


Exact dosing
High conveying performance
Gentle and uniform dosing
Adjustable fine or coarse flow
All product – carrying parts made of stainless steel 1.4301
High surface quality
Quick and easy to clean


There are two principles used for feeders. These are characterized by their basic working method: feeders with forced drive vibrate at the frequency of the driving force, resonance feeders vibrate at the natural frequency of the spring – mass system.
The Power Pack systems works using forced vibration. The feeder tray is mounted on leaf springs and is excited at a freely selectable frequency and amplitude.
In contrast to many other feeder systems, the frequency and amplitude of Power Packs can be independently adjusted. They can therefore be adapted to suit a variety of specific requirements.
The stainless steel construction makes them suitable for application in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Power Packs are corrosion – resistant, so there is no problem with using them in aggressive or damp environments.
In addition to the normal standard versions, Power Packs are also available in customized versions. Furthermore, all components can be supplied individually.


Dosy Pack dosing stations are particularly suitable for the fast and exact dosing of all types of bulk material, or as feeders for optical sorting facilities. Gentle dosing is possible for especially sensitive products.
Design and functioning principle:
The dosing station basically consists of a conveyor channel mounted on leaf springs and a silo. All product – carrying parts are made of brushed stainless steel (Ra=0.25, Rz=1), all other parts are made of corrosion resistant and physiologically harmless materials.
Because of the functional design Dosy Packs are fast and easy to clean. This allows it to be used even under the extreme hygienic conditions demanded by the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
The flow rate can be varied with the dosing port at the silo outlet.
Two compressed air liner vibrators, of type NTS 250 NF or type NTK 18 AL + SM 16-1, are available. They work without running on, so that the product flow is immediately interrupted, once the vibrators are switched off.
The exact feed quantity is regulated by adjusting the frequency and amplitude of vibration. Both can be independently adjusted. Increasing the supply pressure causes an increase in the frequency. The amplitude can be adjusted by regulating the optional throttle.
A multi – directional valve is required for operation (not supplied).
In addition to the standard versions, series Dosy Pack dosing stations are also available in customized designs. Furthermore, all individual components can be supplied separately.

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