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Vibratory Feeder

Electro Magnetic Type / Unbalance Motorized Version
Vibratory Feeder is ideally suited for controlling the flow of bulk materials to secondary processing Operation.Vibration produced are smooth, uniform, volumetric flow that fully variable from a dribble to surge.Vibratory Feeders are used to control product flow in the bulk handling operation such as packaging, batching, mixing, drying, weighing, sprinkling and spreading. Our Feeders have handled a variety of materials, from dry to damp, cold to hot, fine to coarse, with different bulk densities. Some of the applications include: use in chemical plant to control flow of ingredients to mixing tanks, the food industry to sprinkle nuts and topping on cakes and ice-cream products.

Foundries for the application of binders and carbon to sand reprocessing system.
Iron and Steel Industry for the controlled flow of limestone, ore and scrap to the smelting furnace.
Pulp & Paper Industry for chemical additive feeding in the bleaching process and chip handling system.
Metal working Industry for feeding metal parts to heat- treating furnace.
Ceramic Industry for controlled ingredient flow in the batching process.
Glass Industry for handling glass cullet to the furnace, in the manufacture of glass product.
Chemical Additive handling, such as lime and diatomaceous earth, in water and sewage treatment plants.

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