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Vibratory Conveyors

Brief Introduction


With Electro Magnetic / Motorized Type Vibratory Conveyors are used in almost all the industries to convey the product in industries like dry aggregates, foods, fruits, vegetables, rubber, gun powder, abrasive, explosive materials, foundry sand, chemicals, ceramics, metal parts, stamping, casting, Tobacco.
  • Chemicals: Conveying of scrap plastic pellets of fiberglass in reprocessing system, conveying and scalping foreign matter from chemicals at bag dump stations.
  • Food: Conveying of multiple ingredients for blending while conveying. Transfer of bulk ingredients from weight hopper to mixer, conveying freeze-dried of spray dried food product of storage area.
  • Foundry: Conveying sand in primary and sand processing system, conveying small casting
    from shake out areas, conveying scrap to charging area.
  • Automotive: Parts conveying in blanking and punching operations. Conveying parts to plating
    operation, flux conveying in automatic welding machines
  • Concrete: Conveying dry ingredients (cement, sand, gravel) to weigh batch hoppers. Distribution
    of Steel reinforcing particles in concrete botching and mixing operations.
  • Steel: Mill scale conveying units under strip and bar operations.


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