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Vibratory Compaction Table

Vibrating Table(Electro Magnetic type/Unbalance Motorised Version)

–Compaction Table: Heavy duty for maximum loads.
–Standard or custom made to specification.
Speed and impact adjustable Electro Magnetic Industries” compaction tables can be supplied with Pneumatic or Electric Vibrators. Most are both speed and force adjustable and Heavy-duty construction. “Built in” versatility means these tables can be used for packing, setting, casting concrete as well as fatigue testing. Vibration is isolated from the frame with inflatable air mounts, rubber mounts or springs. Electro Magnetic Industries’ engineers will design a table to meet your specific needs.

———————–Flat Platform Table———————–

Low profile – as low as 2” from floor.
–No vibration transfer to the floor. Vibrating platform with a working surface as low as 2” from the floor. The platform table can be used under filling machines for packing drums and barrels. Low profile eliminates the need for raising machinery or breaking into the floor and makes loading and unloading heavy drums easier. Packing more material per given volume saves costly spaces and lower escalating transportation cost.

———————–Grid Top Tables———————–

Automatic operation.
–Adaptable to any roller conveyor.
–Light weight yet strong. The “Electro Magnetic Industries” Grid Top Table is designed to fit between the rollers of your conveyor. The load foundry flask, drum or box is rolled into position. Lift the grind top and take the load off the rollers. The vibrators are activated and the load vibrated. Air mounts are deflated and the load is back on the conveyor ready to be moved along. All done in seconds without handling. The Electro Magnetic Industries’ design uses strong light weight rectangular tubing for more vibration transfer to the load.

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