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Unbalance Uniforce Exciter

Brief Introduction

EI-Exciters are used as vibratory drives for vibrating conveyors, screening machines,scalping screen and self-discharging shakeouts preferably when very big and therefore very heavy machines have to be driven. The long service life in toughest industrial se confirms the refined design concept of the Ei-Exciters.
EI Uniforce Exciters are widely used as the drive for Vibratory Feeders, Screening Machines,vibratory shake outs, Vibratory Conveyers, especially when they are big in size & for handling the material in big quantum. These drives provide to the machine, to work against odd & toughest Industrial use thereby the longitivity of Machine life & service is achieved.

  • EI Uniforce Exciters are robust in Construction and have powerful drive.
  • Operation is almost Noiseless and Continuous.
  • Maintenance is minimum and easier.
  • Provide Peak Performance amidst the most severe conditions.

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