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Vibratory Bin Activator

Brirf Introduction

Electro Magnetic Industries Bin Activators are recognized worldwide as the most effective means for discharging dry materials from storage Bins. It assures positive, continuous flow from storage on a first-in, first-out basis. It eliminates bridging, jamming, segregation and retooling. Even such difficult to handle materials as prepared foundry sand, titanium dioxide, wood chips, brown sugar and wet shale are discharged freely on demand.
Micron-sized particles, ore chunks, fibers, flaky, sticky and fragile materials all have been handled successfully by the Bin Activator.
Available in standard diameters from three to sixteen feet. Electro Magnetic Industries Bin Activator attaches to the enlarged opening of any new or existing bin. It operates quietly and continuously with virtually no maintenance. Delivered completely assembled and ready to install. Bin Activators Can be attached to any bin, round, square, steel or concrete. The preassembled mounting ring permits rapid installation field welding


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