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Vibratory Two-Way Conveyor

Brief Introduction

A new innovative vibrating equipment design from Electro Magnetic Industries conveys in either direction with a quiet, smooth, horizontal motion without dusting or damage to friable materials. Direction of material flow is easily and immediately reversible at the touch of a button controlling the rotational direction of a single, low horsepower, Self-contained drive. Smooth horizontal material flow makes a TWO-WAY unit ideal for moving a variety of bulk materials including powders, chemical or food products. Minimal vertical acceleration force also permits the noise-free movement of castings, sprue and other metallic parts with reduced trough wear. Conveying motion is essentially horizontal, with minimum vertical acceleration, resulting in gentle, noise free “shuffling” material movement without bouncing. Vertical forces, less than gravity make the unit ideal for handling fine materials which would tend to aerate and be difficult to handle in a conventional vibrating conveyors.

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