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Suspension Magnet


These Magnets are usually mounted above Belt Conveyor with the purpose of extracting Pieces of tramp iron from material being transported. Ranges incorporating permanent or electro magnets are available, the type chosen for particular application being determined by feed burden, nature of tramp iron, environmental conditions and plant location. Models in standard range cater for conveyor widths up to 2200 mm and operating height up to 700 mm.


  • Ensures Product purity
  • Recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
  • Recovers materials
  • Recovers valuable minerals
  • Makes upgrading of magnetic materials
  • Removes iron contamination
  • Prevents damage to plant and protects valuable equipments investment


  • Protection of Processing Equipment such as Crushers,pulverizer, Conveyors,Belts, Screen etc.
  • Purification of product or ingredient for higher quality end product by removing iron from material in process  such as foundry sand,glass cullet,grain,food products,chemicals,etc.
  • Reclamation of either the ferrous or non-ferrous  material from open hearth and blast furnace slag,incinerator and garbage plant products etc.
  • Recovery of steel from steelworks slag.
  • Salvage of valuable tools, Cutter bits and machinery parts.
  • Reclaiming steel for rescale and separating ferrous contaminants from other recyclable material such as aluminium,glass,plastic,tyres,curshed concrete or wood.
  • Many facilities use Magnetic Separator to protect machinery such as crusher at quarries.
  • Cement plants: They keep metal out of coal pulverize.
  • pulp & paper mills use them on wood chips.
  • The extraction of tramp iron from coal conveyors to protect pulverizing mills in power station and screen in collieries.
  • Foundries they use to remove chills, spruces and gaggers from foundry return sand.
  • Recovery of ferrous metal from household or industrial refuse (Garbage Plant).

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