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Magnarolls are employed in minerals and ore processing plants for the removal of weakly magnetic particles from dry granular materials size range from 50 microns up to 100 mm. Typically for the purification and concentration of: Andalusite, Apatite, Bauxite, Calcite, Corundum, Diamondiferous concentrates Dolomite, Feldspar, Fire Clay, Iron Ores, Kyanite, Limestone, Manganese Ores, Magnesite, Mineral Sands, Nepheline Syenite, Quartz, Silica Sand, Sillimanite, Spodumene, Tantalite, Wallastonite.
In the foundry industry they are used for the separation of chrome sand from silica sand. In ferroalloy plants they are used for the recovery of ferrochrome and ferromanganese from slags. Magnarolls comprise of a Hopper with feeder short belt conveyor with Magnetic roll and self tensioning idler geared motor unit driving the magnetic roll via a wadge belt product chute with adjustable splitter blades/s, located beneath the belt support framework.



The magnetic coil consist of alternate discs of Carbon Steel and Neodymium-iron Boron permanent magnets
on a stainless Steel shaft. The Magnetic rolls are available in diameter of 75 mm, 100 mm and 300 mm and upto
1500 mm long. Material to be processed is discharged from the hopper by the feeder at the controlled rate on the
conveyor. As the Belt travels around the magnetic roll, competing centrifugal and magnetic forces influence magnetic particles.The lesser magnetically susceptible particles are thrown from the belt at a position on the roll where the centrifugal forces overcome the magnetic forces acting on them. The more magnetically susceptible particles adhere to the belt, travel around the roll and fall from the belt as it loses contact with the roll. The non-magnetic particles are thrown forward from the belt ahead of the magnetic particles. The separate particles are delivered by the splitter blade/s into the product chutes. Separation flexibility is achieved by variation of the belt speed and the position of the splitter blade/s.

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