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Rotary Clean Flow Magnets

Brief Introduction

Rotary clean flow magnets remove iron particles from powders and granulate.This Prevents damages of expensive machines and guarantees an iron-free final product.As its magnet rods are mounted above each other in staggered position, the non-rotary clean flow magnet is only suitable for materials, which easily flow through the machine. Substances, which are sticky and irregular in shape, as for instance milk powder or meat powder, form a bridge over the magnet rods.To ensure optimum deferrization in these cases too, Electro Magnetic Industries now introduces the new rotary version.


It is especially this industry that uses sticky products such as dairy products, Meat and Pat Foods and Sugar.The rotary movement of the magnet allows these substances to pass the magnet.The final Product is guaranteed to be iron free. Especially in the foodstuffs industry this is a prerequisite for high quality product.



A cage with extremely Powerful Neoflux Magnet Rods is rotated in a stainless steel casting. It is this rotary Movement, which prevents an accumulation of the product, which could cause machine breakdown or even damage. Moreover, in this way the iron particles this might be in the raw material come into better contact with the magnet rods, ensuring the best possible final product.

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