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Circular Lifting Electro Magnets

Brief Introduction

These large diameter Lifting Electro Magnets transport steel scrap in scrap processing yard and foundries. They can handle tonnes of scrape continuously throughout the day. Lifting Magnets are used in metal working plants and hoist and transport steel parts, forgings, castings, plates, blooms, channels, angles, rods and bars. They save time and effort because they can lift steel more quickly and conveniently than any other Mechanical devices.

With Lifting Magnets there is no need to attach and secure lifting supports. Nor it is necessary to block up loads on the floor or to move for mechanical devices.Although the largest models are powerful enough to hoist thousands of Kgs, the lifting force depends on both the thickness and type of surface of the steel object.The force is more effective on thick, flat and clean steel than on thin, irregular or rusted steel.

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