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Permanent Magnetic Rods

PERMANENT MAGNETIC RODS (FILTER BAR) РWith Super  Intensity rare earth Magnetic

Permanent Magnetic Filter Bar can be installed at any point in solid or liquid Material flows. They can be used up to temperature of 900 C. The Filter bars are manufactured from Powerful Ceramic Magnets in a Stainless steel (AISI 304) Casting. The Construction has High degree of Corrosion resistance and it is quick and easy to clean. The Standard diameter of filter bars is 28mm Dia. For application involving higher temperature (up to 3500C) Version fitted with Alnico magnets can be supplied. In situation where, for example very fine ferrous particles in the region of the ferrous particles have to be separated from viscous materials, the Electromagnetic Industries permanent magnetic filter bar can also be supplied in version with Neodymium Magnetic Material.


  • This Hand Magnets speeds the handling of steel bolts, nuts, screws and Parts. It increases a release handle for safe loading.



  • Rubber Magnets are made of a permanent flexible Magnetic Material available in Sheet, Strip and extrusion forms. Rubber magnets are standard or Custom Manufactured to satisfy specific processing requirements. Rubber Magnets provide an alternative material for Printing, signage, holding and fasting applications. Rubber Magnets are used for fastening devices;displays; assembly devices; advertising specialties; hobbies; name plates; sales promotion; printing; crafts; novelties;message boards; P.O.P. diplays; instruction boards; exhibit booths; menu boards; craft displays; schedule boards;surface-mount signs; planning boards; floor signs; doodle boards; toys; games; vehicle signage; architectural signage;bin marker; die cutting; display boards; graphics; hand lettering; hot stamping; teaching aids; decorative magnets; portraits;posters; business cards; calendars; collectibles; reminders and sports schedules.
  • Designers, engineers, Printers, marketers, sales people, teachers, manufacturers, hobbyists, sign makers,material – handling specialists, and more use rubber magnets. We Manufacture flexible rubber magnets. what makes us superior is our ability to customize rubber magnets. (strength, thickness, surface, shape, etc) for specific applications and processes; our capability to produce power in-house to guarantee high quality; our ability to customize packaging; our superior customer service; and our competitive prices.

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