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Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Brief Introduction

Model PMQZQ Permanent Magnetic Lifter has strong Magnetic path produced by Nd-Fe-B Magnetic Materials. On and off of the Magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual handle. PMQZQ Permanent Magnetic Lifters has magnet as power, and its lifting power will never weaken.


  • In Loading and unloading a lifter can hoist iron/steel blocks, cylinders and others on to magnetic materials for linkage or connection .It is very convenient for application in loading, unloading and moving. PMQZQ Permanent Magnetic Lifters are the most ideal lifting facility for factories, docks, warehouses and transportation.
  • These are suitable for transporting such raw materials as black iron plates and flat iron products and lifting and transporting semi-finished products having flat surfaces such as machine parts, press dies and plastic forming molds.



  • Lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic attraction power and safe in handling.
  • The use of a permanent magnet eliminates the need of electric power, thus eliminating troubles due to power interruption and failure of the power supply line. The strong magnetic force can be used semi-permanently.The employment of cam system facilitates attaching and detaching of work pieces.



  • Suitable for lifting and moving floor plates, pressed work pieces having concave or convex sections, iron doors of building, deck plates, guard rails cans, and so on.


  • The attraction is turned on and off by moving up and down an air cylinder, which facilitates remote operation and automated operation.
  • Compared with the electromagnetic type, this model has a larger holding power for thin plates (less than 5mm thick) and its capacity drops less when gaps are present. Accordingly, this model is most suitable for pressed work pieces having concave or convex sections.
  • Energy saving type as no electric power source is required.
  • The ON state is maintained when the air source is shut down and therefore held work pieces do not fall, enhancing safety.

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