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Netter Pneumatic External Vibrators series NVR,NVG,NVT and NQT

Series NVR,NVG,NVT and NQT

  • Circular Vibration
  • Nominal Ferquency from 8.5000 min-1 to 15.000 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 7.130 N to 62.260 N
  • Frequency infinitely variable by air presser
  • No bearings
  • Easy and quickly removable
  • Protection IP 66-7 , Insulation class F
  • Noise reduced design NQT


The pneumatic external vibrators series NQT, NVG, NVR and NVT are especially suitable for compacting, conveying and loosening bulk material. They are used to compact concrete, empty bins and as drives for conveyors, sieves and vibrating tables. A special feature is the ruggedness against strong varying loads. There is no danger of overload.

Design and functioning principle

The vibration (circular) is produced by eccentric rotating rotors. The frequency and herewith the centrifugal force are continuously adjustable by the operating pressure. For operation a control valve is required (Not included in scope of delivery).

Permissible operating conditions drive medium:Compressed air or nitrogen (Filter ≤ 5 µm), preferably with oil mist.
Operating pressure:1 bar to 7 bar
Ambient temperature:-10°C to +60°C Units for other temperatures are available.                                                                       
Netter Vibration offers the accessories required for the mounting, installation, control and monitoring of vibrators and imp actors.
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