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Laboratory Testing Super Intensity Rare Earth Rod/Magnetic catchers

Brief Introduction

This Magnet is used for taking samples of the material to determine, for example the presence and ferrous degree of contamination.The Length of Magnet is 100 mm the diameter 28 mm.

Magnet Catchers

Components Parts:Hard Plastic body plus magnetic system.This catcher is powerful auxiliary tool in search Of the Iron / Steel things, as it has large contact surface.The catcher can attract Iron / Steel parts or things such as screw, screwdriver and any presswork for connection in workmanship, or move iron / steel other things for a materials.
Features:Large attraction Surface area (150cm x 100cm), light in weight, easy for appear application nice ance, application temperature is 800C.Tool Size: 240cm x 100cm x 210cm.


Aim the catcher at the Iron / Steel things to be caught, these things will attach themselves onto magne tic surface. When separating these things will attached themselves onto the magnetic surface when separating this things, just put a catcher in to a tray, pull the manual handle up and these Iron / Steel things will fall in to tray.

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