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Funnel Magnet


Powerful anisotropic Permanent Magnets with special arrangement are enclosed in a S.S. cylinder. The top plate of the Magnetic filter is provided with a number of grooves to guide slurry with specific path to give the Maximum efficiency.
This is very useful tool to filter out all iron impurities from any liquid. The Funnel magnet, manufactured by Electro Magnetic Industries has proved invaluable in the chemical industry and notably for the ceramic glaze, colours and oil industries.


Components Parts:-Hard Plastic Bars or hard wood bars plus high quality strong magnetic pieces.
Application:-Just nail the Bar to the Door or wall of your kitchen or room, or attached the bar to the iron or steel things, such as screw driver pliers, scissors, kitchen knives, bunched of keys, beer bottle openers
Features:-Nice appearance, convenient for application, and its magnetic power never weaken
Size and Format:-Size and format vary at your request.

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