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Product Overview

EMI often, Electro Magnetic Hammer with new looks and with advance technology which give great advantage of maintenance free operations
•Very Easy operations
•Low Power Consumption
•Best safety factor
The process of self Ignition Is spray drying plants can lead to spontaneous explosion exactly electromagnetic. Hammers provided on spray drying chamber help in avoid possibility of self ignition. Also hammer help in smooth action of downside, conveying and collection equipment of the system thereby, ensuring, low losses, low downtime, consistent quality, lump free product and smooth operation.
Electromagnetic Hammers are essentials to eliminate the side wall buildup, agglomeration, bridging on interior surface and discharge plugging of powder in SPRAY DRYING PLANT, CYCLONE SEPARATORS , SILOS , BINS , COAL BUNKER.

The process of self ignition in spray Drying Plants can lead to spontaneous explosion. To avoid this the dried product should be:
Removed from the plant as fast as it is produce not be allowed to built up in the plant thickness that enable self ignitions.
Applications Solving Solid Flow Problems. The Electromagnetic Hammer is designed to meet the challenges of a very broad base of applications. Common problems with solid material moving include: Adhesion, Arching, Rat holing, Bridging, Compacting, Clogging.


These problems are all handled by the Electromagnetic Hammer. Here are some of the applications ideal for the Electromagnetic Hammer :
Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Dairy Industries
Processing & Manufacturing Materials
Cement & Mining
Dyes & Dyestuff
Ceramic Coal & Carbon
Operational features:
Electromagnetic hammer consists of a stator and rotor which are made out of cold roll law lost silicon sheet lamination to minimize iron losses.
The part movement of the rotor shaft directly transmitted to hammer stoker electronic controller controls the excitation of hammer coil.
There are many parameters depends that on the selection of Electromagnetic Hammer such as plat thickness of chamber, design of stiffeners, consistency and nature of powder and etc.
However in general we, suggest you to select Model EMI-EMH -2 for the plate thickness less then 2 mm.
Model EMI -EMH-3 for the plate thickness of 2 to 3 mm.
Model EMI-EMH-8 for the plate thickness of 6 to 8 mm.
Model EMI-EMH-10+ for heavy impact.

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