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Eddy Current Magnetic Separators


  • Eddy Current Separator is designed on the basic theory that introductive current generates whilst conductor is the high frequency alternating magnetic field
  • When Eddy Current Separator works, high-frequency alternating magnetic field generates on the surface of the magnetic rotor.
  • When non-ferrous metal enter the high-frequency alternating magnetic field, eddy current occurs inside the non-ferrous metal.
  • The direction of the magnetic field by eddy current is counter to that of the magnetic field by the high- frequency alternating magnetic field, which leads to rejecting force.
  • The rejecting force wills forward-throw non-ferrous metals off the high-frequency alternating magnetic field, so
    non-ferrous metals can be recycled effectively.


  • Eddy Current Separator is most suitable for re cl ng Copper Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial rubbish and MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). Nowadays, it’s vastly used in the recycling industries of rubbish, automobiles, electronics, and the material processing of non-ferrous metals etc.
  • Eddy Current Separator has better recycling on many kinds of non-ferrous metals. The compact and durable structure strongly suits the coarse working conditions. Strong magnetic field and Variable frequency make Eddy Current Separator a must-have machining in recycling industries.

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