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Brief Introduction


EMI Metal Detectors are the number one systems in the industry and they are proven to be the best investment you will make to protect your equipment and business from downtime and to ensure the quality of your product. Call us for more information on which system is appropriate for your application.


Since 1978, EMI. Has specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality industrial conveyor line metal detectors for the forest products, aggregate, recycling, and other manufacturing industries. Metal Detectors, Inc. is a family business 3 generations strong located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. With thousands of successful installations worldwide, EMI has always been committed to providing you superior customer support for as long as you own your metal detector and has been the company you have counted on for quality, dependability, and continued product innovation.
You can’t afford to have less than the best metal detector protecting your equipment and profits. Contact our experienced sales staff and engineers for your custom quotation of a conveyor line metal detector system made by EMI- the proven leader in high performance industrial metal detection.



  • High Speed Auto Calibration:Auto Phase Control Circuit Built in depending on Dry and Wet Products. Selectable Frequency depending on product characteristics.
  • Numeral Keypad Type for a convenient operation:For quick setting of high sensitivity and adapted phase angle of product characteristics For quick adjustable for rejecter timer.
  • Numerical value and icon of detection signal for Easy to learn Operation Guidance: Displays Numerical value for Product Effect volume and Metal size Sensing a continuous product and Conveyor running, setting all parameter setting up to Max, 90 kinds of products.Searching for tem only registered to use easily.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) type for a proper digital fibers providing noise suppression: A software password for avoiding from operating malfunction: -Remote Control from Search Head up to Max 1Km.
  • All kinds of Powder Material, Raw Meal, Flour Sensitivity
    (mm: sphere) Detection Sensitivity was based on passing Test Pieces through search head. Detection Sensitivity depends on Product Effect and Environment.
    Pass Outer is pipe outer side size.
  • EMI Gravity Flow Detectors are guaranteed to eliminate all tramp metal contamination from free flowing materials, maintaining a stringent inspection standard on high volume bulk product lines.
    These compact detectors are ideal where space is limited. With integrated digital processing electronics and high-speed diverter valves, product loss is minimized during contaminant removal. The control center can remain with the unit or mounted in a convenient location, where operating parameters are set and reviewed and access codes can be used to prevent unauthorized adjustment.
Model/Sens ‘EM2000-G80 EM2000-G100 EM2000-G120 EM2000-G150
Pass Outer 60mm (Dia) 80mm (Dia) 100mm (Dia) 120mm (Dia)
Ferrous O 0.4mm O 0.5mm O 0.7mm O 0.9mm
Stainless O 0.7mm O 0.9mm O 1.0mm O 1.2mm

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