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Belt Type Permanent Magnetic Concentrator.

Brief Introduction

The Special equipment has some versatile usages for concentration of Ferrite & Magnetic Material, up gradation of Sponge Iron Purity, separating ferrous contamination from non –ferrous materials likeAluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper etc.The Ceramic & refectories industries also have the widest usages for purification. Chemical Industries finds its applications for removal of iron from chemical powder & grains.

———————-BASIC PRINCIPAL:———————–

The Machine works on the induced magnetism principle where by the separation with segregation becomes possible.This ensures the recovery of products in terms of Concentration and with high degree of purity.The Sponge IronIndustries in a particular where the losses of valuable magnetic material with a non magnetic portion takes place, can easily be avoided and thus the spongeiron purity with 99.9% can be achieved.

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