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Cable Reeling Drum

Brief Introduction

Electro Magnetic Industries” Cable reeling Drum is spring powered & an essential accessory for lifting magnets in either Mobile Crane, E.O.TCranes, Electrical Hoist, etc.The drum revolves on a pair of ball bearings for smooth operations and rotation of the drum and the reel is almost maintenance free.This reel is fabricated out from heavy gauge mild steel sheet which does not get damaged, being very rugged and has a set of high tension spring on one side to reel and unreel drum and double contact slip rings assembly for power supply to the magnet on the other side.The Slip-ring arrangement is made from high conductive phosphor-Bronze Material and the copper brushes are of very high grade. Suitable and covers are provide to safe guard slip ringassembly and springs.The Lead wires of slip ring assembly are brought out from the drum and are terminated at the terminal station provided on supporting channel.The whole drum will be mounted on the bracket fromounting in different position.



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