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Floating Machine

Product Overview

Flotation machine is also known as mechanical agitation type flotation machine. With radial impeller and air self-suction function, flotation machines of this series are widely used for ore beneficiation both in domestic and international market.

The Grade is Increased by 4-6%
0The Recover Rate is Increased by 8%
The Capacity is Increased by 12%


—————Introduction To Main Unit Structure—————-

  • 1.Belt
  • 2.Motor Wheel
  • 3.Motor
  • 4.Stand
  • 5.Screw Lifter
  • 6.Flashboard
  • 7.Floatation Machine
  • 8.Discharge Hole
  • 9.Discharge Hopper
  • 10.Partition Plate
  • 11.Rotor
  • 12.Flotation Column
  • 13.Oriented Impeller
  • 14.Air Inlet Pipe
  • 15.Feed Pipe
  • 16.Drive Shaft
  • 17.Feed Branch Pipe
  • 18.Branch Feed Inlet
  • 19.Scraper Device
  • 20.Scraper Blade
  • 21.Bubble Discharging Area
  • 22.Scraper Drive
  • 23.Motor
  • 24.Bearing Seat
  • 25.Belt Pulley

Flotation Machine is applied for rough, fine and sweep separating process of ferrous metals, precious metals, nonmetallic minerals and nonferrous metals such as lead, copper, zinc, molybdenum, gold, etc. This series flotation machine is with large inspiratory capacity inflow and low energy consumption. Every chute is levelly installed and performs three functions: inhaling air, inhaling ore pulp and flotation separation without accessories.

Flotation Machine adopts U-type chutes, hollow shaft (for inflation), suspension rotor and especially a new type impeller, which is of large pulp transmission, simple structure and low energy consumption. Air distributors are set up in the impeller cavity, which allows air to disperse loosely so as to enlarge their contact surface.

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