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Screw Conveyor

Product Overview

Screw conveyor is suitable for transporting all kinds of powder granular materials and small block, such as coal, gravel, lump coal and sand, cement, cereal, etc, but not suitable for conveying easy deteriorated, sticky, and easy forming materials. Therefore it is always used in cement plant, fertilizer plant, chemical plant, iron plant, sugar refinery, mine, paper mill, fiber nylon factory, feed factory, water conservancy, etc.

—————Introduction To Main Unit Structure —————-

  • 1. Feeding Mount
  • 2. Bearing Set
  • 3. Motor
  • 4. Speed Reducer
  • 5. Rack
  • 6. Spiral Scraper
  • 7. Cell Body
  • 8. Upper Cover
  • 9. Discharging Mount

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