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Pulse Dust Collector

Product Overview

Pulse Dust Collector adopted separately chamber offline pulse ash cleaning technology to overcome the anti-blowing cleaning and general pulse cleaning shortcomings, strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, low energy consumption, less land occupation and reliable operation. This series dust collector is particularly suitable for the following situations: calcium carbide furnace dust removal, ferroalloy plant variety EAF dust remove; steel plant flue gas purification; coal-fired boiler and power plant small boiler dust remove; waste incinerator dust; high temperature flue gas of smelting plant; aluminium plant gas purification; cement plant rotary kiln end kiln head, carbon black plant tail gas and so on. Its featured applications is high temperature and large gas volume area.

—————Introduction To Main Unit Structure —————-

  • 1. Steam Drum
  • 2. Pulse Air Value
  • 3. Pulse Pipe
  • 4. Dust Inlet
  • 5. Box
  • 6. Exhaust Chamber
  • 7. Air Inlet Chamber
  • 8. Dust Hopper
  • 9. Screw Conveyor
  • 10. Base Support
  • 11. Cloth Bag
  • 12. Pulse Air Hole
  • 13. Access Door

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