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Netter – Germany – VAC – Vaccume Fixing Device

Netter Vacuum Fixing Devices Series VAC

  • Circular Vibration
  • Nomonal Ferquency from 750 min-1 to 3.600 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 40 N to 217.700 N
  • Smooth housing surfacr
  • Stainless steel weight covers
  • Ex || 2 GD (ATEX) avaible
  • Protection IP 66-7 , Insulation class F
  • Stainless steel versions avaible


The vacuum fixing devices series VAC are designed to allow quick attachment of vibrators to smooth or, under circumstances, uneven and curved surfaces. A special feature of the the vacuum fixing is the ease of attachment, which requires no welding or bolting.

Construction and working principle

Construction and Working Principle: The appropriate vibrator is screwed to the vacuum fixing and connected to the supply hose leading to the hand valve. As soon as the vacuum fixing is connected to the compressed air supply, the unit is sucked tightly to the mounting surface, thus ensuring a strong connection between the vibrator and the surface.The air economizer “S” creates a reduced vacuum, which is sufficient to clamp the vibrator when it is not running and which reduces the air consumption by over 30%.
ATEX conform vacuum fixing series VAC and units with stainless plate are available.
When the vibrator starts, the fixing device automatically produces the full vacuum.

Permissible operating conditions Drive medium: Compressed air or nitrogen (filter ~ 51lm)
Operating pressure: 2 bar to 6 bar Ambient temperature: -1 DO C to 60°C
Ambient temperature:-10 C 10 60C
Netter Vibration offers the accessories required for the mounting , installation and control of vibrators and interval impactors.
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