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Netter Electric External vibrators Series NEG/NEA/NED


  • Circular Vibration
  • Nominal Ferquency from 750 min-1 to 3.600 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 40 N to 217.700 N
  • Smooth housing surfacr
  • Stainless steel weight covers
  • Ex || 2 GD (ATEX) avaible
  • Protection IP 66-7 , Insulation class F
  • Stainless steel versions avaible


Series NEG,NEA or NED electric external vibrator are use whenever for example, conveyor chutes or sieves need to be driven, in addition ,these can be loosen material blockages and adhesion in silos.When use on concrete forms , the especially even vibration produces high surface quality and compaction of the concrete.
The special feature of the NEG is its maintenance- free operation, even in rough environmental conditions.

Design and functioning principle

Electric external vibrator are unbalance motors, which work according to the short circuit runner principle and apart from a few significant differences, are very similar to conventional electric motors.
The 3-phase NEG units run at 750 , 1000 or 3000 min-1 with a 230/400V , 50 Hz power supply, depending on the number of poles. The NEA single phase unites run at 3000 min-1 with a 230V,50 HZ power supply. Additional voltages are available.
The direct current NED unites run at 3000 min-1 with a 12 or 24 Volt power supply.
Unbalance sitting on each end of the shaft produce an unidirectional sinus-shaped rotation at the frequency of the respective speed of rotation.



All NEG/NEA are also design for operation at 60 Hz . The unbalance is adjusted if necessary.
Generously dimensioned rolling bearings guarantee high operational safety. All NEG are suitable for operation with netter frequency converters, without limitation.
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