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High Gradient Magnetic Separator

Brief Introduction

EMI-HGMS Series High Gradient Magnetic Separator is a new product developed independently by us. It combines the characteristics of International advanced high intensity magnetic separators, which is so far the high intensity magnetic separator of best performance and most advanced technology. This product utilizes vertical ring rotation, pulsating beneficiation and high frequency vibrator, and it has no magnetic medium jam problem in flat ring high intensity magnetic separator and flat ring high gradient magnetic separator. It has the advantages of large beneficiation ratio, high security and convenient operation etc. This product realizes both high beneficiation ratio and high recycle ratio in separating weak magnetic minerals.

———————–APPLICATION FIELD———————–

  • Updating Ferrous Metals: Martite, Hematite, Siderite, Chromite, Illmenite, and Manganese. Etc.
  • Separating Non-Ferrous Metals: Wolframite and Quartz, Pyrrhotite and Cassiterite, Wolframite, and Cassiterite,
    Limonite Purifying, scheelite, Wolframite and Garnet, Etc.
  • Recovering Rare Earth: Tantalum and Niobium, Lepidomelane, Monazite, Etc.
  • Brightening Non Metals: Quartz, Feldspar And Kaolin for Ceramics, Sillimanite, Cassiterite, Andalusite,
    Kyanite for Refractory, and Separating Impurities From Hornblende, Mica, Tourmaline, Garnet, Etc.


  • Vertical Ring Rotation & Pulsating Beneficiation
  • High Frequency Vibration Mechanism
  • Wide Range of Feed Particle Size.
  • Multi-Gradient Matrixes & Liquid Level Control System. These technologies improve the grade of magnetic concentrate and recovery.
  • Frequency Conversion Step-lessAdjustment for Rotary Speed &Vibrating Frequency.


Applied to purifying nonmetallic Minerals; Patented technology; High Intensity: 50000 Gauss; Easy for Maintenance

———————–PRODUCT PROFILE———————–

High Gradient Magnetic Separator HGMS series is now deironing Product developed independently by our Company. It combines the characteristics of worldwide high intensity
magnetic separator so far it is the domestic high intensity Magnetic separator with the best functions and the most advanced technology. The Concentration ratio of this Product is
high, and the adaptability for ore-feeding ize, ore-feeding concentration and fluctuation is strong. This product is also reliable in operation and easy to maintain.

———————–WORKING PRINCIPLE———————–

Electro Magnetic coil is electrified with direct current and thus forms magnetic field. Magnetic line of force goes through magnetic medium producing high gradient magnetic field.
When Slurry containing magnetic minerals flows through magnetic medium from the bottom to the top. Magnetic granule is absorbed by the giant magnetic field on the surface of
magnetic medium. Under the control of PLC, each valve and electric element operates automatically. As a result, the iron is removed from mineral.


1. Background field is 16000 Gauss, and the surface of magnetic medium intensity is 50000 Gauss.
2. Row ore enters the magnetic medium from down to up and the pressing rinse water pulsates tailings from up to down. Our uniquye series magnetic separator uses pressing water to pulsates tailings. The Supply direction of minerals is opposite to the direction of minerals, so the coarse granular can be washed away easily, and the magnetic medium jam is effectively prevented. This product solves the magnetic medium jam problem in other high intensity magnetic separator.
3. Other high gradient magnetic separator in the world imposes strict limitation on the fineness of the minerals. We research the unique structure and optimized combination of magnetic medium, and make the upper limit of the our unique series magnetic separator for mineral fineness 2.0mm, simplify the work for grade of mineral on site, and it
has more adaptability.

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