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Slag melt is to a high state of rapid cooling of the product placed in water, also known as water quenched blast furnace slag, a byproduct of ironmaking produced, known as slag in the cement industry, the main blast furnace slag water quenching or water quenching in two ways. Slag is mainly used for the production of cement, either as a cement mixture, can also be made non-clinker cement. After fine grinding blast furnace slag can be used as the main raw material for the production of slag powder. It can replace silicon bath soil insulation packing and save cost. It can be used for the production of slag bricks and wet grinding slag concrete products. It used for thermal insulation filler.

Slag processing production process

Shanghai Shibang vertical roller mill using material layer principle grinding slag, grinding system power consumption by 20 to 30 percent lower than ball mill, and with the increase of raw water, energy-saving effect is more significant. Since the vertical mill is running no direct contact between the metal, so the grinding wear, abrasion per unit of product is generally 5 to 10 g / t, small metal contamination of the product.

First stage

First slag into the dryer for drying;

Second stage

Into to pulse dust collector;

Third stage

The slag is fed by a screw conveyor vertical milling machine,After grinding the material layer using the principle of slag grinding, polishing Slag can reach 250 mesh -350 mesh, using cyclone income product dust collection;

Fourth stage

Using electrostatic precipitator or bag-type dust collector as a final dust removal equipment.

Equipment needed

Vertical Mill conditioning tower and filter according to the position, there are three fan system and dual fan system in two different layout scheme. This arrangement reduces the negative pressure system work and by the amount of gas precipitator. Product was collected using a cyclone dust collector; a grinding gas directly into the dust collector, available electrical precipitator or bag filter as the final dust removal equipment. The system reduces the number of equipment units, simplify system configuration.

MTW Series Euro-type Trapezium Mill

Widely used in slag, power, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel, building materials, coal and other industries.

LM series vertical Mill

Widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement, construction, sand and metallurgical. Suitable for non-ferrous metal ore’s ganite.

Investment prospects

In recent years, China’s cement industry has made a major breakthrough in comprehensive utilization of resources, the cement industry waste consumptive use of solid waste in the country total more than 80%. China’s annual generation of slag and other industrial waste amounted to 15-16 million tons of fly ash and coal gangue of 4-6 million ton, flooded in some areas. By using less clinker cement industry, more powder, low-cost cement production technology, we can maximize the consumption of electric power, metallurgy, coal, industrial production of fly ash, slag, coal gangue and other industrial wastes. NSP dominant in the region, through outsourcing transformed into a small amount of kiln clinker grinding station, take advantage of cheap local fly ash, slag and other waste resources, produce low-cost high-performance green cement, solve part of the Li Withdrawal cement kiln. Using clinker, slag separate grinding process, the use of slag and other fine powder at a high state of good activity characteristics of cement can be used as a main component, the preparation of “blending” cement admixtures reach 50-60%, can be significantly reduced cement production costs. Use of industrial waste production of cement, slag powder based on various reasonable match admixture, can improve the density of concrete, forming a low-density, high-density, low-defect of the concrete structure, greatly improving the service life of concrete.

Application area

The main use of slag

  • Slag brick is a certain amount of water slag cement and other cementitious materials, after mixing, forming and steam curing made of brick. Slag concrete is wet grinding is slag and activator (cement, lime and gypsum) on the water wheel mill milled into mortar, and coarse aggregate mixing together.
  • It used for thermal insulation filler, can be used instead of silicon bath soil insulation packing and cost savings. Produce slag powder. After fine grinding blast furnace slag can be used as the main raw material for the production of slag powder. Currently, some of the finely ground granulated blast furnace slag after a processing of flue gas SO2 absorbent.

Mainly used material

Thixotropic agent

Refractory matter

Suspending agent

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