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name of material: Barite

Moh’s hardness: 2.5-3.5

market value: 61.29dollar/ton

main application: oil drilling, chemical industry, glass, rubber, construction industry

Market favor index: ★★★..


name of material: bauxite

Moh’s hardness: 2.5~3.5

market value: 145.16 dollar/ton

main application: chemical industry, metallurgy, Medical, light industry

Market favor index: ★★★..


name of material: bentonite

Moh’s hardness: 2-2.5

market value: 56.45dollar/ton

main application: cast, metallurgy, foodstuff, oil, agriculture, chemical industry, environment protection

Market favor index: ★★★★..


name of material: calcite

Moh’s hardness: 3

market value: 16.12 dollar/ton

main application: chemical industry, papermaking, coating, medcine, foodstuff

Market favor index: ★★★★★


name of material: coal

Moh’s hardness: 1-4

market value: 88.70dollar/ton

main application: electricity generation, construction material, industry, metallurgy

Market favor index: ★★★★

Coal ash

name of material: coal ash

Moh’s hardness: 6-7

market value: 12.90dollar/ton

main application: production raw material, papermaking raw material

Market favor index: ★★★


name of material: Gypsum

Moh’s hardness: 1.5-2

market value: 25-100 dollar/ton

main application: food industry, agriculture, industrial filler

Market favor index: ★★★★..


name of material: kaolin

Moh’s hardness: 2-3

market value: 64.51 dollar/ton

main application: ceramic, papermaking, coating, refractory matter petrochemical industry, medicine, agriculture

Market favor index: ★★★..


name of material: limestone

Moh’s hardness: 3-4

market value: 8.06USD/ton

market value of limestone powder: 16.6-33.3USD/ton

main application: Plastic, metallurgy, chemical industry, construct, construction material, environmental protection, food, medicine

Market favor index: ★★★★.


name of material: mica

Moh’s hardness: 2-2.5

market value: 150-350dollar/ton

main application: oil, pigment, coating, construction material, papermaking

Market favor index: ★★★..

Steel Slag

name of material: steel slag

Moh’s hardness: 5-7

market value: 19.35dollar/ton

main application: road material, building material

Market favor index: ★★★..


name of material: alumstone

Moh’s hardness: 3.5-4

market value: 22.58dollar/ton

main application: chemical industry

Market favor index: ★★★..


name of material: andalusite

Moh’s hardness: 7.5

market value: 516.12 dollar/ton

main application: refractory materials, ceramic, alloy

Market favor index: ★★


name of material: Apatite

Moh’s hardness: five

market value: 64.51dollar/ton

main application: chemical industry, agriculture, medical science, light industry, metallurgical industry

Market favor index: ★★★..


name of material: asbestos

Moh’s hardness: 2-3

market value: 64.51dollar/ton

Price of asbestos powder: 409.8USD/ton (20-40mesh), 491.8USD/ton(40-60mesh), 573.7USD/ton(200mesh)

main application: machinery, traffic, chemical industry, metallurgy, construct, electric power

Market favor index: ★★★..

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